Meet Pple Catering

February 18, 2022

Pple Hospitality is launching a new sub-division – we’re proud to present Pple Catering.

Pple Catering provides end-to-end food and beverage solutions for the full spectrum of clients’ meal needs, with the capacity to deliver large meal orders – cooked on or offsite – in extremely short turnaround times.

Pple Catering is headed by fundis in the food and food service fields who have extensive experience in all aspects of food preparation and a focus on wholesome and healthy meals. Added to that is their in-depth understanding of service and what makes it great – and their passion to deliver it.

They are supported by a team of qualified chefs and kitchen staff who have all been through rigorous vetting and training to ensure they meet our highest service delivery standards.

The Pple Catering team can transition seamlessly from creating, preparing and serving a five-star menu to an exclusive clientele, to delivering a budget-friendly, hot, nutritious and tasty meal to a large-scale staff restaurant, with offerings that are tailormade to your specific needs.

We have well-equipped central production kitchens in Johannesburg where meals can be prepared for offsite consumption, and we maintain strict adherence to quality and stock control, health and safety, and other food preparation-related regulations. All of this means you can relax – your meals will be fresh, nutritious, tasty, and safe to eat.

Talk to us about your staff, management, or visitor meal needs. Nutritious and tasty meals can make a big difference to staff productivity!

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals this year with our steadily expanding geographic coverage as well as our excellent team of staff members.