Pple Industrial’s psychomotor performance system ensures best staff for the job

November 11, 2022

Pple Industrial has adopted a new psychomotor performance system that is assisting their teams to better match staff to jobs and clients.

The new psychomotor performance system is supplied by Vienna Test System (VTS) and offers two key benefits:

  • Identifying, at an early stage, candidates who will and who will not meet the specific requirements of the position on offer.
  • Assessment tools that measure certain individual traits to determine how well a candidate will match specific job requirements, when compared to everyone else in a similar or same group.

Donovan Batt, Operations Executive for Pple Industrial, explains: “Our main purpose is to provide clients with access to skilled and trained people while creating opportunities for our staff to have meaningful employment. Matching our wide-ranging human capital with our clients’ business needs enables our clients to deliver on their service promises, and allows both clients and staff to achieve economic and people growth. In our constant drive to add value to our service offering, we introduced the VTS psychomotor performance system that is increasing our capacity to assess a range of capabilities in our staff.”

CPRD Consulting Services, which is an expert in the field of psychomotor performance systems and is contracted to provide feedback reports to Pple Industrial, says that systems such as VTS are increasingly used for:

  • Pre-employment assessments
  • Ongoing job suitability
  • Identification of potential
  • Career planning and ‘stock taking’ of the workforce
  • Identification of training needs
  • Identification of accident risks and proactive action
  • Succession planning

CPRD Consulting Services’ operational staff are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and accredited, as required by law.

Psychomotor performance can be described as a person's ability to perceive information from the environment, to process the perceived information – mentally or cognitively – and to act correctly after processing the information by using one’s limbs. Driving consists of the same process and an assessment of someone’s psychomotor abilities, for example, gives a valid indication of someone’s driving performance or potential driving performance.

Psychomotor performance can relate to an assessment of a person’s driving skills, which means that impaired psychomotor skills will impact their ability to drive a vehicle safely and competently. Assessing psychomotor ability consists of monotonous concentration, decisions and reactions, divided attention, time movement anticipation, and perceptual abilities.

Pple Industrial has introduced VTS to ensure that their drivers are best able and equipped to maintain the vehicles they drive and reduce wear and tear costs on, for instance, gear boxes and clutches. The new system is initially being utilised as part of the recruitment process, and will be made available to existing staff following the rollout. Batt notes that VTS will further set Pple Industrial ahead of its game. “The psychomotor tests provide acute insight into the exact response and reaction a staff member might give in a similar real-life situation, which will improve our ability to match the best candidate to a client’s needs.”